OBD Cables

OBD cables are designed to be used with An OBD interface (sometimes referred to as “vehicle interface adapter”) is an electronic device that allows a computer to access the vehicle network. It is similar in operation to a computer modem, in that it translates messages from one protocol to another.

Depending on the requirements of your application, you can go with an off-the-shelf or a custom interface.

standard OBD CablesOff-the-Shelf OBD Cables

We deliver quality molded cables at the lowest prices in the industry. We have thousands of standard OBD cables in stock, so whether you’re a product engineer or an electronics hobbyist, chances are, we have your OBD cable. No order is too big or too small.

Custom OBD cablesCustom OBD Cables

We may be the largest OBD Cable supplier in the world, but we can always count on our customers to dream up new designs! OBD Solutions produces custom OBD cables for all kinds of industries including automotive, fleet management, telematics and diagnostic equipment companies.