Custom OBD Cables

We may be the largest OBD Cable supplier in the world, but we can always count on our customers to dream up new designs! OBD Solutions produces custom OBD cables for all kinds of industries including automotive, fleet management, telematics and diagnostic equipment companies.

Custom OBD cablesOur prices are the most competitive in the industry, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our clients have come to expect high quality cables. We can design a cable that meets your exact requirements and exceed your expectations.

Connectors, wire gauge, twisted pairs, jacket and shield material, temperature range, length, and more can be specified by our customers. After receiving the technical specifications, quantities, and target price, we’ll provide a firm price quote and estimated delivery date. We provide a technical drawing for your approval, followed by a prototype cable for evaluation. On approval, we release the order to our factory and your cable has gone from a napkin sketch to a finished project in record time!

Due to the molded cable production process and raw material procurement, we typically require minimum order quantity of 1,000. However, for complex cables the MOQ is sometimes lower.

Please visit the Contact Us page for custom cable inquiries. Here, you can upload your sketch, mock-up photo, pdf document, or any other document you’d like to show us.