OBDLink® Technology Stack

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OBDLink® Technology Stack is a set of embedded software modules designed to streamline the development of OBD-enabled products ranging from telematics to diagnostic tools. At the core of the OBDLink Technology Stack is the OBD protocol stack covering all legislated OBD-II protocols, as well as manufacturer-specific protocols such as GMLAN and Ford MSC. OBD Solutions has provided millions of technology licenses to a broad range of industries, including insurance, military, fleet, telematics, consumer, and law enforcement applications.

Technology Highlights

  • Stable, road-tested firmware with a diverse user base in 70+ countries
  • Deployed in millions of licensed devices, trusted by Fortune 100/500 companies
  • SafeConnect™, a superior automatic protocol detection algorithm
  • Guaranteed to connect to all OBD-II compliant vehicles — no exceptions!
  • Data rates up to 4x faster than the closest competitor
  • Secure bootloader for over-the-air firmware updates
  • BatterySaver™ mode with configurable, multi-source sleep and wakeup triggers
  • Support for OEM-specific networks and protocols
  • Highly extensible codebase utilizing object-oriented concepts

OBDLink Technology Stack

Standard Features

  • AT/ST Command Set
  • Comms Encryptor
  • ELM327 Emulation
  • OBDLink API
  • Power Management
    • Wake-up Triggers
    • Sleep Triggers
    • Peripheral Switching
  • Secure Bootloader
    • Unique S/N
    • OTA Updates
    • Strong Encryption
    • Feature Keys
  • Analog Inputs
    • Battery Voltage
    • Wideband O2
  • OBD Protocols
    • J1850
      • VPW
      • PWM
    • ISO
      • ISO 9141
      • ISO 14230
    • CAN
      • ISO 15765
      • J1939
      • ISO 11898
      • HS CAN
      • MS CAN
      • SW CAN

    Optional Additional Features

    • SafeConnect™
    • OBD Communication
    • Autonomous Data Collector/Analyzer
    • MPG Calculator
    • Soft Odometer
    • Trip Statistics
    • OEM Data Abstractor
    • Security/Firewall
    • Software Message Filters
    • Vehicle Battery Health Analyzer
    • Engine Crank/Start Detector