OBD Adapters

An OBD Adapter (sometimes referred to as “vehicle interface adapter”) is an electronic device that allows a computer to access the vehicle network. It is similar in operation to a computer modem, in that it translates messages from one protocol to another.

OBD Chips

Embed OBD functionality into your device with an OBD Interpreter IC. STN11xx ICs are typically used to convert messages between any of the OBDII protocols currently in use, and UART. STN11xx ICs are 100% compatible with the de-facto standard EM32x command set, and add significant functionality via our ST command set.

OBD Simulators
ECUsim 2000 OBD Simulator

OBD Simulators are invaluable tools for the development and testing of OBDII diagnostic programs and hardware. Some of our ECUsims can be customized to replicate specific ECUs to troubleshoot an OBD device when connected to a marginally compliant vehicle.

Development Boards
OBD Development Board

The Interconnect Development Board is the perfect aid for OBD-II hardware engineering projects. It features three removable modules, each with breakout headers that allow you to easily insert your own circuit design, and verify it operates as intended without having to build out a complete OBDII interface.

OBD Cables

We deliver quality molded cables at the lowest prices in the industry.