OBD Adapters

OBD adapters (sometimes referred to as “vehicle interface adapter”) are an electronic device that allows a computer to access the vehicle network. It is similar in operation to a computer modem, in that it translates messages from one protocol to another.

Depending on the requirements of your application, you can go with an off-the-shelf or a custom adapter.

Off-the-Shelf OBD Adapters

Choose an off-the-shelf adapter to get the best price and the shortest time-to-market. They come with a variety of connection options, support all legislated OBD-II protocols, and free lifetime firmware upgrades.

Custom AdaptersCustom OBD Adapters

If your project requires support for a manufacturer-specific protocol, or special functionality not available in an off-the-shelf adapter, our engineers would be happy to build a custom OBD adapter, or customize an existing one to fit your requirements.