Why Work for Us?

If you are great at what you do, hundreds of companies are competing with each other to entice you to come work for them. So why would you choose to work for us? What makes us special?

Based on our own experience working for other companies, exit interviews, and feedback from teammates (both current and former), here are a few things that we believe make us stand out:

  • We spend a great deal of time and effort to make sure that we are a good fit for the people we hire, and vice versa. As a result we like, trust, and respect each other.
  • We’re a meritocracy: raises, bonuses, promotions, and specific work assignments depend on the individual contribution and performance.
  • We detest micromanagement. Your manager’s job, is to remove obstacles to help you do yours.
  • We hate red tape, and believe that it is better to ask for forgiveness, than permission.
  • We believe that it makes good business sense to give every team member the best tools and trust them to get the job done.
  • Office politics, gossip, and shoddy work are vices we fight with a vengeance.
  • “Open, honest & direct” is our guiding principle for communicating with our customers, vendors, and each other: we tell it like it is, openly admit our mistakes, and strive to under-promise and over-deliver.

Sound like a good fit? We’d love to hear from you!