OBD Simulators – Development & Testing

OBD Simulators are invaluable tools for the development and testing of OBDII diagnostic programs and hardware.

ECUsim 5100 OBD SimulatorsECUsim 5100

The multiprotocol ECUsim 5100 supports all legislated OBD-II protocols. We offer multiple Plug In Modules (PIMs) that allow you to run up to three protocols simultaneously, or quickly switch protocols on-the-fly. These features are very useful for production testing, automatic protocol detection and more. It comes in a small, lightweight enclosure that won’t take up much workbench space, and is rugged enough for mobile applications.

ECUsim 2000 OBD SimulatorsECUsim 2000

ECUsim 2000 is a small, lightweight, benchtop simulator that can be used for testing and development of OBD devices and software. It supports all legislated OBD protocols, fixed and user adjustable parameter IDs (PIDs), diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), freeze frames, and many other SAE J1979 services. The simulator can be purchased with any combination of “unlocked” OBD protocols, from as few as one to as many as five.