ECUsim 5100

The multiprotocol ECUsim 5100 supports all legislated OBD-II protocols. We offer multiple Plug In Modules (PIMs) that allow you to run up to three protocols simultaneously, or quickly switch protocols on-the-fly. These features are very useful for production testing, automatic protocol detection and more. It comes in a small, lightweight enclosure that won’t take up much workbench space, and is rugged enough for mobile applications.

FeaturesECU Simulators - ECUSim 5100

  • Support for all legislated OBD-II protocols:
    • SAE J1850 PWM
    • SAE J1850 VPW
    • ISO 9141-2
    • ISO 14230-4 (KWP2000)
    • ISO 15765-4 (CAN 250/500 kbps, 11/29 bit)
  • Functional and physical addressing
  • Three PIM slots
  • Each PIM supports three virtual ECUs: ECM, TCM, and ABS
  • Five knobs assigned to frequently used PIDs:
    • Coolant Temperature
    • Engine Speed (RPM)
    • Vehicle Speed
    • Oxygen Sensor Voltage
    • Mass Airflow (MAF) Order Now
  • Supported SAE J1979 modes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, and A.
  • “MIL”, “Link” and “Power” indicators
  • “FAULT” button
  • USB connection for PIM configuration and OBD traffic monitoring
  • On-the-fly OBD protocol switching
  • Standard J1962F connector
  • Firmware upgradeable


ECUsim 5100 User Guide
ECUsim Programming Manual
ECUsim Commander
STSP300 – ECUsim 5100 PIM Firmware Updates< Tera Term v4.72
ECUsimMaster configuration utility (courtesy